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@froskate, a collective founded by black women and lead by queer skateboarders based in Chicago, IL. Founder Karlie Thornton’s mission is to provide inclusive experiences, resources and equity for the BIPOC, non-traditional skateboarding community.“When I started froSkate in 2019, we didn’t have a business plan, mission statement, or even a goal. It was just me and some friends wanting to learn to skate with people who look like us. We invited friends, started a group chat, and it caught a lot of attention. It showed me there was a need for this in the community. Chicago hadn’t had anything like it before.” — Karlie Thornton (@adobewankenobii), President + Founder“One thing we’ve always asked of locals and more seasoned skaters is to help welcome folks of our community into the park. Something as simple as a head nod or introduction goes a long way for those who might feel nervous or intimidated when entering the park. It’s incredibly comforting and helpful to be acknowledged and accepted at first sight.” — Lauren “L Brew” Brew (@lo.snap), Vice PresidentWatch the full video and continue reading our interview with Karlie and L Brew at the in bio to learn about their journey in skateboarding, founding froSkate, and turning their collective creative into a video and shoe that reflects the soul of froSkate and the community they serve in Chicago and beyond.